Pinot Noir

A wine with good structure and moderate acidity in the mouth, with intensity and great complexity. Bright ruby red colour. On the nose, aromas reminiscent of raspberries and ripe strawberries are perceived, with slight notes of underwood.

Pinot Noir is a variety that develops its full potential and expresses its typicity when grown in cool areas; the remote Pedernal Valley, in the province of San Juan, has the coolest temperatures during the year. Therefore, this wine, clearly made with grapes from that valley, shows the potential that Pedernal has and the extraordinary quality that can be obtained from this varietal.

50% of the wine is preserved in concrete eggs with flock in fine suspension. The remaining 50% is kept in first and second use French oak barrels for 4 months.

Composition: 100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 13.95%
Total acidity: 5.29%
pH: 3.55
Storage potential: 8 years

Blanc de Blancs

Pale yellow with greenish tones to the eye. Expressive and wild on the nose, where clear aromas of pear, green apple and stone fruit stand out, along with elegant citrus notes, reminiscent of lime and grapefruit. In the mouth it is fresh and vibrant, highlighting the combination of white and citrus fruits with great balance.

Pedernal has gained renown for the high quality of its red wines, but white wines made from grapes from this valley are scarce and practically unknown. Out of a total of 780 hectares cultivated with vines in this valley, less than 8.2% correspond to white varieties, of which 92% is divided between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
CThis DEMENTIAL blend of high altitude white varieties is a faithful representation of the quality of white wines that Pedernal can produce. Adding with the Viognier, a singular touch of personality and madness to the cut.

Composition: 45% Viognier - 30% Sauvignon Blanc - 25% Chardonnay
Alcohol: 13.8%
Total acidity: 6.04%
pH: 3.32
Storage potential: 5 years


A Malbec with medium structure, marked acidity, tense and fleshy on the palate, of an intense ruby red color and with a delicate aroma of cherries.

A varietal that has been able to adapt to the conditions of a valley surrounded by the Andes mountains and foothills, which expresses all of its profile in a plant growing on a soil that is meager, hilly, and mineral.

To create Demencial, the grapes were harvested by hand and, after a careful elaboration process, the wine was stored in concrete eggs, which softens its fleshy and sweet tannins, lending the wine a stronger varietal character.

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